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cna - Wettbewerb Hard Rock Café Innsbruck - 1.Preis
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Rendering by rococoon
The new Hard Rock Café establishes a link between the existing, often fussy, HRCs worldwide, contemporary architecture, trends, the flair of the genre and the special location of the alpine metropolis Innsbruck.
It explores new avenues and distinguishes itself through clarity and simplicity, without losing the well-known feeling and the corporate identity.
Due to the substance of the existing building -  comparatively low room heights, floors and ceilings offer little mounting height, and landmark status, respectively – the project aims to conceal all pipes and the entire supply infrastructure behind facing walls.

Architectural installations – space – time – history
The concept includes a multitude of installations, objects and unicums which are manufactured by columbosnext. This ties the timeless aspect of music, the brand and its related contents to the local character and expression and equips HRC Innsbruck with unique characteristics.

Materials – colors
The reduction of material and color is a consciously chosen design principle. This reduction provides the framework  for a potpourri of colorful exhibits and merchandise products in the different areas.  
Black, white and gold dominate, but are complemented with dark materials such as wood, leather and concrete. Existing and protected surfaces are integrated cost-efficiently and seamlessly into this color concept – the existing ceilings in the shop and the protected white stucco ceiling on the upper floor. The black and white surfaces are varnished or smoothed and are used on the walls, ceilings, facing and wooden shelves. Charged objects such as speakers, amps and musical instruments are treated equally  in installations.

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columbosnext hard rock cafe.jpg